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iReg is a database of IEC 61850 co-tested deviсes aimed at providing the information regarding interoperability test between the devices. We make a clear demonstration of interoperability capabilities of IEC 61850-enabled devices.

List Your Product in the Register

Listing of your device in the Register is provided for free. If you would like to publish the information about your product in the register, please email the following information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

  • Vendor Information
    • Name
    • Contacts
    • Description
  • Product Information
    • Name
    • Type
    • Supported Protocols
    • Description
    • Photo or Screenshot with white(!) background
  • Test Description (separetely for each test and each protocol)
    • Device 1
    • Device 2
    • Protocol
    • Test Date
    • Test Description (optionally in PDF)
    • Photo or Screenshot of the test
Additional bonus is provided for those manufacturers who would share the information about this Register. Place the follwing code on your web-site (on the page with the description of the device) and get additional bonus-rating for your deivce, so that it would appear in the listing above not rated devices:
<a title="iReg — IEC 61850 co-tested device register" href="http://61850.in"><img title="iReg — IEC 61850 co-tested device register" src="http://61850.in/ireg-button.png" border="0" alt="iReg — IEC 61850 co-tested device register" /></a>

The image would look like this:

iReg — IEC 61850 co-tested device register

Disclaimer of Liability

The information in this database is provided by the manufacturers or collected from public sources. The information from manufacturers and open sources is not anyhow verified. Nither 61850.in administration nor TEKVEL Ltd. are responsible for potentional risk related with any use of the information, presented at 61850.in web-site.

Products List Sort and Ratings

Devices on the list appear in accordance with the number of views. Additionally the 5-star rating can be used to move device to the top. Stars are provided under the commercial terms which is discussed individually.

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