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Atlan Designer SCL SIPROTEC 7SJ80
NameAtlan Designer
Product TypesEngineering Tool
Date Added2012-11-18 14:01:16
Tested ProtocolSCL
Test Date2012-10-16
Product TypesProtective Relay
ProtocolsGOOSE, MMS, SCL
Date Added2012-11-13 08:46:27

Tekvel reported successfull import of SCD file generated by Atlan into DIGSI IEC 61850 station with following successfull upload of the configuration into 7SJ80 IED.

The procedure of the test was the following:

  1. Create IEC 61850 station in DIGSI and export an ICD file for the 7SJ80 IED. 
  2. Import the ICD file into Atlan IED library
  3. Create project with other IED's and configure IEC 61850-communications. A dataset and GOOSE Control Block have been created for 7SJ80 IED.
  4. Export SCD-file from Atlan with configuration for all devices.
  5. Import the SCD-file into DIGSI software.
  6. Upload the configuration to 7SJ80 IED and make sure the goose-message is published in accordance with settings as per. p. 3.
As a result the 7SJ80 IED have been successfully configured to send goose-message as well as Areva (Alstom Grid) P141 IED have successfully subscribed the same GOOSE-message via the same SCD-file.
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