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The SIPROTEC Compact 7SJ80 relays can be used for line/feeder protection of high and medium voltage networks with grounded, low-resistance grounded, isolated or a compensated neutral point. The relays have all the required functions to be applied as a backup relay to a transformer differential relay.

The 7SJ80 features “flexible protection functions”. 20 additional protection functions can be created by the user. For example, a rate of change of frequency function or a reverse power function can be created.

The relay provides circuit-breaker control, additional primary switching devices (grounding switches, transfer switches and isolating switches) can also be controlled from the relay. Automation or PLC logic functionality is also implemented in the relay. The integrated programmable logic (CFC) allows the user to add own functions, e.g. for the automation of switchgear (including: interlocking, transfer and load shedding schemes). The user is also allowed to generate user-defined messages.

The communication module is independent from the protection. It can easily be exchanged or upgraded to future communication protocols.


  • Removable current and voltage terminals provide the ideal solution for fast and secure replacement of relays.
  • Binary input thresholds and current taps are software settings. There is thus no need to ever open the relay to adapt the hardware configuration to a specific application.
  • The relay provides 9 programmable function keys that can be used to replace pushbuttons, select switches and control switches.
  • The battery for event and fault recording memory can be exchanged from the front of the relay.
  • The relay is available with IEC 61850 for incredible cost savings in applications (e.g. transfer schemes with synch-check, bus interlocking and load shedding schemes).
  • This compact relay provides protection, control, metering and PLC logic functionality. Secure and easy to use one page matrix IO programming is now a standard feature.
  • The housing creates a sealed dust proof environment for the relay internal electronics. Heat build up is dissipated through the surface area of the steel enclosure. No dusty or corrosive air can be circulated over the electronic components. The relay thus will maintain its tested insulation characteristic standards per IEC, IEEE, even if deployed in harsh environment.
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