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MKPA-2 is flex logic relay protection and automatic device for high and extra high voltage networks.

Main functions

MKPA-2 has been designed to control, protect and monitor optional elements of electrical network and realize next relay pro- tection and automatic functions:

  • Out-of-step protection;
  • Frequency protection;
  • Over voltage protection;
  • Under voltage protection;
  • Extra high voltage reactor control automatic;
  • Overcurrent line protection and line power control automatic;
  • Line commutation control automatic;
  • Power transformer commutation control automatic;
  • Circuit-breaker failure protection;
  • Turn short circuit protection for transformer;
  • Voltage circuit control automatic;
  • Generator switch off automatic;
  • Short circuit power fall detection;
  • Any other protection or automatic function. 


  • Wide diapason ready project solutions;
  • Several protection and automatic function on single device;
  • Deep disturbance registration;
  • Advanced self testing;
  • Local and remote control (Device control panel and program for remote control);
  • Advanced flex logic;
  • Industrial design;
  • SCADA support by OPC DA, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850. 

Organization and principle of operation

MKPA-2 hardware is based on single processor x86 architec- ture in industrial execution. Each MKPA protection or automatic function realized as group of flex logic algorithms that placed in the device. Algorithms use the data that was calculated by ana- log and discrete acquired values. Any algorithm detecting power network emergency state cause MKPA-2 trip and start distur- bance recorder. Remained after MKPA-2 trip record save with its time stamp in nonvolatile storage. Information about trip puts to MKPA-2 run-time journal. Alarm signal about MKPA-2 trip sends to remote control program SignW.


MKPA-2 software consist of controller software that work on device, remote control program SignW that set on personal desk- top and flax logic software development kid SoftConstructor.

SignW program permit do following operations: remote con- figuration of MKPA-2, saved disturbance analyze, view currently measured signals of MKPA-2.

SoftConstructor SDK is design for flex logic algorithms cre- ation, editing and checkout. SoftConstructor based of FBD (Func- tion Block Diagram) language and conform to IEC 61131-3.

It was overworked software modules that permit interconnec- tion MKPA-2 and SCADA system by one of following protocols: OPC DA, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850. For time synchronization with SCADA system MKPA-2 use ICMP and NTP protocols. 


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