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The Multifunctional Bay Control Unit ARIS C30X is designed to monitoring and control of the one or several feeder bays at the substation.



  • Measurement and processing of AC power, current and voltage; 
  • IEC 61850-9-2 SV stream processing; 
  • Power quality monitoring, measurement and calculations (EN50160); 
  • Binary inputs/outputs control; 
  • Analog inputs control; 
  • Telecontrol; 
  • Disturbance data recording; 
  • Performing a user-defined logic described as Function Block Diagrams for interlocking, controlling or for performing additional calculations; 
  • Data and command communication with local devices and subsystems including GOOSE messaging.

ARIS C30x Technical Data

There are three models of the controller – C301, C302 and C303. The models differ by number of expansion slots and display type. 

Technical data of ARiS C30x 


ARiS C303

ARiS C302

ARiS C301


Up to 2 GB

Memory (RAM)

128 MB



Internal bus



Case 1: 120-370 V DC or 85-265 V AC. Case 2: 18-36 V DC.

Expansion slots




Power consumption

120 W

80 W

60 W


3U 19" case 485х245х135 mm

3U case 275х245х135 mm

3U case 200х245х135 mm

Display and keypad

Colour LCD display 320x240, 12-button keypad, mechanical key switch for local control





RS-232 ports

1-4, isolation 1,5 kV

RS-485 ports

8, isolation 1,5 kV

Ethernet ports (except expansion slots)

4хRJ45 or 4xSFP (LC MM/SM)

Time synchronization

Embedded GPS or external NTP server. Precision 1 ms.

Communication protocols

IEC 61850-8-1 (client, server) IEC 61850-9-2 (client)
IEC 60870-5-101 (client, server) IEC 60870-5-104 (client, server) IEC 60870-5-103 (client) Modbus serial (RTU/ASCII client) SPA


AC analog CT/VT input module

This module is designed for measuring of the currents and voltages, coming directly from CT/VT, disturbance data recording and power quality measuring.

Functionality of the AC analog CT/VT input module includes:

  • Measuring of the instantaneous values of the currents and voltages; 
  • Calculating of the RMS values, active and reactive powers; 
  • Real time storing of the measured data; 
  • Disturbance data recording in COMTRADE format files; 
  • Power quality measurement in compliance with EN50160; 
  • Zero-sequence current and voltage measurement. 

IEC 61850-9-2 SV stream processing module

ARIS C30x has optional module for IEC 61850-9-2 SV stream processing. The module calculates the same parameters as AC analog CT/VT input module and records the disturbance data files. 

AC analog parameters calculation

On the basis of the measured or received instantaneous values of currents and voltages ARIS C30x calculates the following parameters:

  • RMS phase voltages;
  • RMS phase currents;
  • RMS interphase voltages;
  • Values of active power per phase and total active power over all phases;
  • Values of reactive power per phase and total reactive power over all phases;
  • Values of apparent power per phase and total apparent power over all phases;
  • Values of power factor per phase;
  • Frequency. 

Disturbance data recording

A user may define a set of events, which will start the distur- bance data recording, and choose a recording data set. Recorded disturbance data files are then represented in COMTRADE format. A duration of the recorded pre-fault time is 3 seconds. The total duration of one disturbance data record is up to 1 minute.

Power quality measurement

  • The controller measures the following characteristics of power quality:
  • Zero-phase-sequence voltage and current;
  • Positive-phase-sequence voltage and current;
  • Negative-phase-sequence voltage and current;
  • Total harmonic distortion for voltages and currents of every line;
  • Fourier components up to 40th harmonic for voltages and currents of every line.

Power quality measurement in compliance with to EN50160

  • The steady-state voltage deviation;
  • Distortion factor of sinusoidal voltage;
  • Factor of n-harmonic component;
  • Unbalance voltage factor of reverse sequence;
  • Zero-sequence asymmetry factor;
  • Frequency bias;
  • Voltage supply interruption length;
  • Temporary overvoltage factor.

Additional power quality characteristics:

  • Brownout value;
  • Overvoltage duration. 

Time synchronization

ARIS C30x can synchronize time either from the integrated GPS with accuracy up to 1 ms or from precise time server by the NTP-protocol (may be used additional PPS line). The controller also can adjust time of external devices from other manufacturers (in the case when the communication protocol between the controller and the device allows this).


  • ARIS C30x can communicate with other devices via the following protocols:
  • IEC 61850-8-1 (client, server);
  • IEC 61850-9-2 (client);
  • IEC 60870-5-101(client, server);
  • IEC 60870-5-104 (client, server);
  • IEC 60870-5-103 (client);
  • Modbus serial (RTU/ASCII);
  • SPA.


Local data archiving

ARIS C30x provides two types of acquired data archives – retrospective and operative.

The operative archive is used as data storage in the case of link loss with a station controller. When the link will be recovered the controller will send all of the data recorded during a link loss.

Retrospective archive is used as data storage in the case when an analysis of emergency situations is necessary. This ar- chive has a cycle buffer structure. A user may configure a number of archiving records.

System log and alarm event log

ARIS C30x has different logs for system and alarm event logging. A user may configure the number of alarm events intended to be stored. An user can define as alarm event the any changing of discrete input/output status, exceeding the given limits of analog input value etc.

FBD-based custom programmable logic

ARIS C30x has built-in tools for supporting user-defined logic. These tools can be used for the creation of complex algorithms for logical and mathematical treatment. In particular for interlock- ing, controlling or additional calculations.

For these purposes the ARIS C30x software has the runtime based on Function Block Diagram language. FBD allows user to create complex algorithms consisting of different library blocks (arithmetical, trigonometrical, logical, PID-regulators etc.). The FBD implementation conforms to IEC 1131 3 standard released by IEC in 1992 and defining PLC languages. FBD incorporates the structure programming methodology that gives user the possibility to describe the automated process in the easiest and most understandable way. User definable functions allow user to describe algorithms not defined in the standard library. ARIS C30x is supplied with an advanced software environment with graphical tools, a standard algorithms library and a program interpreter with debug functions. 

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